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BREAKING NEWS: The truth about Seniority

BCNU welcomes LPNs

BCNU offers LPNs a world of new opportunities.

At BCNU LPNs will gain licensing support, learning opportunities and nurse stewards who understand your issues and will advocate for you in a professional manner. And with BCNU as your union, LPNs will eventually get better contracts in the Nurses' Bargaining Association.

No other union can give LPNs the level of professional support that BCNU delivers to nurses.

Learn more about the benefits of joining a strong nurses' union, and read our Pledge to LPNs.

What's New

News Bulletin – LRB makes decision on LPN seniority

LPNs working in non-nursing FBA classifications can keep FBA seniority.

News Bulletin – HEU & IUOE are still trying to strip away earned FBA seniority hours from LPNs

BCNU wants LPNs to retain their full seniority in both the FBA and the NBA.

News Bulletin – Continued confusion expected over nursing roles and scope of practice

New Standards, Limits and Conditions issued by CLPNBC in absence of LPN Regulation problematic.

News Bulletin – Bill 18 and LPN seniority

LPNs' seniority rights are protected in collective agreements and changes to seniority rights must be negotiated with health employers.

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LPNs will get better representation at the BC Nurses' Union. At BCNU another nurse will always be at your side to represent you.

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LPNs talk about their hopes for better wages, benefits and practice conditions by voting BCNU.

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LPNs will soon vote on which union they want to join. It's a decision that will affect the future of all nurses.

Watch this 2 minute video from LPNs Michelle and Michael about stronger patient advocacy by uniting the nursing profession.

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Opportunities & Programs

BCNU’s LPN Athabasca University Bursary